Director of the Global Partner Countries, European Investment Bank (EIB)

As director of the EIB’s Global Partner Countries department, Maria Shaw-Barragan is in charge of its activities outside the European Union. Since joining EIB in 1997, she has had a number of responsibilities, including as head of the strategy division of the EIB until June 2016. In this role, her aim was to maximise the impact of the EIB in a sustainable manner, while delivering on its mission to make a significant contribution to the future of Europe, its partners and citizens by promoting economic and social cohesion in the EU and beyond. Here, she was also directly involved in designing the Investment Plan for Europe (IPE) and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). Previously, Maria headed the division responsible for restructuring, new products and equity investments in EIB’s legal department. With her legal background and sound business understanding, over the years Ms Shaw-Barragan has contributed to product innovation at EIB. She is always considering new ways for EIB to adapt and better serve the interests of the EU and European citizens.