How to comply with EU and African quality standards

Agriculture & Agribusiness
Pavillon Orange
17:10 to 18:10

The new EU Plant Health Regulation, introduced in December 2016, becomes fully applicable on 13 December 2019. In light of this, this session will examine the challenges that the agricultural sector and the relevant authorities will have to overcome to comply with the Regulation while avoiding jeopardising existing value chains. The mango industry will be used as an illustrative case study. Participants in the session will also examine what has been done in the past to meet the requirements of the export market and attempt to anticipate new demands from local and international end customers.
Using European and African experience of private and public sector agribusiness in Africa, the session will aim to formulate some key messages to be addressed to the EU–Africa Summit regarding EU and African market access for agricultural produce, regulatory requirements, and the challenges to be overcome so that the agricultural industry can continue to contribute to sustainable and inclusive development in Africa.
Key questions for discussion include:

  • How are quality standards evolving and what are the main trends on the EU and African markets?
  • How much of a challenge does the evolution of the EU phytosanitary regulation present to small and medium horticultural businesses in Africa?
  • How has agribusiness met EU and African market requirements in the past and how it can be better prepared for the future?