Unlocking Investment for Regional Infrastructure to Accelerate Job Creation (PIDA)

Sustainable Energy
Salle Ebouclé
17:10 to 18:30

The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) is a visionary initiative that aims to mobilise the resources need to modernise Africa’s energy, transport, transboundary water and ICT infrastructure. The overarching objective of PIDA is to promote socio-economic development and reduce poverty by improving access to integrated regional and continental infrastructure networks and services.
The session will focus on PIDA achievements to date (particularly its impact on job creation), as well as the challenges ahead. Already there are 51 cross-border infrastructure projects 400 sub-projects across the four sectors, and participants in this panel will hear insights gleaned to date.   

  • What does the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) mean for the youth and job creation in Africa?
  • What are the proposed strategies that could potentially help unlock private investments for infrastructure?
  • What progress, challenges and emerging issues can be highlighted in relation to the implementation of selected PIDA projects, and other infrastructure projects in the continent?
  • What concrete actions can be recommended to increase the bankability of the presented projects and what could be done to leverage investment to these projects?