Leveraging Digitisation for profitable and sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture & Agribusiness
Pavillon Congo
17:10 to 18:10

Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the rise of mobile and big data have shown huge potential to rejuvenate and transform African agriculture. But challenges remain, not least infrastructure constraints, securing funding and achieving scale. Participants in this session include young ICT4Ag entrepreneurs, farmer organisations/cooperatives and government officials, who will share perspectives and experiences, as well as future digitisation opportunities for African agriculture.
Questions to be addressed include:

  • How are emerging business models leveraging ICT into agricultural value chains?
  • What are the key challenges of integrating ICT into agriculture, and what is the role of an EU-Africa partnership in delivering value?
  • Where are there opportunities for investment and growth in agribusiness?
  • How can technological innovation, like agricultural drones, be used to transform the sector?
  • Are there any constraints to data gathering and how can this be addressed?