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Investing in the sustainable Cocoa Value Chain in West Africa

Sustainable Investment in Africa
Pavillon Orange
11:45 to 12:45

The European Commission stands with Germany and other EU and AU member states to pitch for investment and partnerships that benefit the entire cocoa value chain. Working with private and public sector finance institutions to develop and grow the market for equitable and ethical cocoa production, the most important goal is to halt deforestation, deliver farmers, and especially smallholders, with a decent income and create job opportunities along the value chain.

  • What role can African and EU governments, the private sector play in educating consumers and incentivising companies to create fairer more sustainable cocoa value chains?
  • Are specific interventions required to protect natural resources, and stem the devastating consequences of, for example, deforestation? What is the role of the private sector
  • How can trading conditions be made fairer; with more cocoa processed in Africa?
  • What are current and future investment opportunities in the value chain?