Inclusive Agri-Business Investments

High-level roundtable on Inclusive Agri-Business – Rome 1 July 2017

Agriculture continues to occupy a key role for poverty alleviation – and it is increasingly clear that private investment will be essential in the promotion of sustainable agricultural growth in developing countries. Nevertheless, private investments in agriculture continue to face many obstacles, and such investments are generally seen as high-risk. Only a marginal share of equity investments in the developing world is in the agriculture sector. The Commission is organising a high-level roundtable on agri-business, bringing together key players from the private and public sector. The event seeks to address the main obstacles to agricultural investment, and improve the risk situation faced by investors. It aims to hear the voices of those directly engaged in agricultural investments, and gather their suggestions and ideas to de-risk investments in agri food chains.

The event will look at the business environment and innovative financing mechanisms available to investors (such as the European External Investment Plan proposed by the Commission), and identify where the public sector needs to intervene for a more favourable business environment.

The event will also convey messages for the AU-EU agriculture ministerial meeting, which is being held the following day.