High Level Panel

Investing in job creation for Youth

Jobs for Youth & Women
Salle François Lougah
09:30 to 10:50

This High Level Plenary addresses one of today’s most important challenges and opportunities: Investing in Job Creation for Youth. Youth unemployment is a pressing developmental issue for Europe and Africa: by 2050, the African continent’s youth population is expected to double, but for the estimated 10-12 million people entering the workforce each year, only 3 million formal jobs are created.
This session focuses on what can be collaboratively achieved between large and small actors on both continents, including through innovative approaches to entrepreneurship, skills development and matching, specifically among youth and women, to create meaningful jobs that drive economic growth. The panelists explore possibilities for future partnerships that lead to inclusive and sustainable job creation and set ambitions high for concrete actions from the participants at the 6th EU-Africa Business Forum.
Key issues to be addressed include:

  • What are the current constraints to investing in job creation, especially for youth and women?
  • What business-enabling policies are  required to harness Africa’s demographic dividend, drive inclusive transformation and create sustainable jobs?
  • What is the role of business and public institutions in driving entrepreneurialism and skills development?
  • What kind of partnerships should be developed, enhanced and supported between various public and private entities to ensure skills development, business opportunities and impact investments?
  • What are the priority sectors for meaningful job-generating investments?
  • What is the role of innovative financing in generating decent jobs?