Doing Business in the 21st Century

eGovernment Solutions as Prerequisite for Economic Competitivenes

Digital Economy
Pavillon Niger
17:10 to 18:10

Governance, and the role of eSolutions and eGovernment to improve the landscape for doing business and achieve economic growth, underpins the partnership under the Joint Africa-EU Strategy. Considering governance from a digital perspective, this panel drew on the experience of African and European countries to share knowledge and practical lessons for creating an investment friendly environment. The implementation of the new EU ‘Digital4Development’ approach is at the heart of these discussions, which will also feed into other instruments, like the European Investment Plan’s third pillar, as well as the AU Agenda 2063’s flagship programme known as the 'Pan-African E-Network'. The overarching goal, which eGovernment and digital innovation can help to deliver, is a public service that is both accountable to its people, especially the vulnerable and youth, and focused on business.